Bigfork Valley Laboratory provides essential support services to our hospital, long-term care facilities, and the Scenic Rivers Health Services medical clinics in Bigfork, Floodwood, Northome, Eveleth, and Big Falls. Our laboratory is staffed by highly educated and trained medical laboratory scientists and technicians.  Outlying locations are served by a daily courier who brings samples to the main laboratory in Bigfork. Results are reported directly to the patient’s physician, and most lab tests may be accessed by the patient through MyCare, Bigfork Valley’s secure patient portal.

Bigfork Valley has invested in quality equipment in blood chemistry, immunology microbiology, hematology, and coagulation analysis which shortens wait time and increases accuracy. Bigfork Valley laboratory is also equipped with automated blood banking for ABO, RH, antibody screening and cross matching blood compatibility. Analysis also enhances quality control, significantly reducing opportunities for error. In 2021 Bigfork Valley added a Cepheid Genexpert system capable of performing molecular tests. We now have the ability to run Sars-cov-2/Flu/RSV and C. Difficile, with the capability of adding more test down the line.

Bigfork Valley Laboratory has an outreach location at the Scenic Rivers Health Services Floodwood Clinic and Northome Clinic where patients may bring lab orders for any medical facility, reducing travel and improving access for the patient. Results are sent directly to the patient’s physician. No appointment is necessary.

Much of the high-tech equipment within the lab is automated and directed by orders entered into the Meditech LIS (computer system), increasing the accuracy and consistency of results.

Seasonal visitors to the Edge of the Wilderness area are able to use the laboratory for monitoring their coumadin and other outpatient orders during their stay. Laboratory results are faxed to their personal physician.

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