COVID-19 Vaccine & Treatment

COVID-19 Vaccination

All Minnesotans 5 years of age and older are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine!  For the most up to-date information about the COVID-19 Vaccine, click HERE.

Get a COVID-19 Booster shots when you are due! Click HERE to learn more about booster shots.

Scenic Rivers Clinic in Bigfork has Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Bigfork Valley Hospital is not vaccinating the general public at this time. To learn more about when you should get your second dose, please call your healthcare provider. To make an appointment with Scenic Rivers, please call 218-743-3232 (option 5). Here’s what you should know about the COVID-19 Vaccination.

The Minnesota Department of Health has also developed a Vaccine Finder tool to assist Minnesotans in connecting with local vaccine providers in their area.  Find a vaccine provider near you!

COVID-19 Medications

Bigfork Valley provides both oral and intravenous antiviral medications to eligible patients.  Talk with your healthcare provider to see if you may be able to receive these medications.  Bigfork Valley does not provide monoclonal antibody therapy at this time.

To learn more about COVID-19 Medications, click HERE.