COVID-19 Screening Tools

Online COVID-19 Screening Tools

If you are concerned about your symptoms, call your health care provider.

Bigfork Valley wants to remind our community of the importance of practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and practicing good hand hygiene. The tools below can help you understand your part in slowing the transmission of COVID-19 and when you should seek care.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Tools

If you are mildly ill without suspected COVID-19 exposure, you should get tested.  If you feel you need to consult with a medical provider about your symptoms and further management, you can call your health care provider’s office directly:

  • Bigfork’s Scenic Rivers Clinic

  • Bigfork Valley Hospital

Clinic/Emergency Visit Instructions:  Call your health care provider before going to the clinic or Emergency Department and ask what the best way is for you to be evaluated.  If this is an emergency, go the the Emergency Department or call 911.  Call ahead to the Emergency Department or let the 911 operator know you might have COVID-19.

Bigfork Valley Hospital:  218-743-4491

Our goal is to ensure you are receiving the appropriate care in the right location.  Depending on your symptoms, you may not need to be seen at a clinic or hospital, and may be asked to isolate at home.  Your provider will help determine if you should be screened for COVID-19.