BVActive magazine

Jan-Feb 2016
This isn’t your typical hospital magazine.

When Bigfork Valley conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment, we discovered some amazing things. We found that overwhelmingly, people were concerned about obesity in the community and the health issues that followed.

But we also discovered that some of the most important reasons that people didn’t focus on eating healthy foods or getting enough exercise were that they didn’t have time, they didn’t think it was important or their family didn’t like “healthy” food.

So in this magazine we’ll explore ways some members of our community have dealt with those constraints. We’ll look at why people like to do active things enough to make time for them. We’ll look at foods that capture your imagination and appetite. And we’ll explore the medical thought behind today’s health issues.

You can also find out who’s going to the slopes or hiking the trails on our Facebook group page Bigfork Valley Active. Join it and chat with your friends about recreational opportunities. We’re all about getting out and getting fit! Contact us directly at

We’re excited to share the things we’ll be learning with you. Let us know what kinds of topics tickle your interest, and we’ll add them to a future issue. 

Sally Sedgwick, co-editor

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