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In 1999, Bigfork Valley made a commitment to bring a new philosophy the Eden Alternative - of long term care to our facility. It was a bold decision at the time; to move from a medical model to a social model of care. Our long term care facility became a destination for many interested in following our example, and today many other facilities have moved toward a social model.

In a medical model, staff jobs are clearly defined and residents are kept to a schedule. In a social model, life decisions are brought closer to the elder. The elder decides his or her own schedule whenever possible. The facility becomes more of a home with pets, plants and gardens to care for. A universal worker concept allows the blending of staff responsibilities, so that staff is cross trained and can be more responsive to the needs of the elder.

The facility grows into a community.

At Bigfork Valley three Communities address a wide range of needs from skilled geriatric care to short term rehabilitative care. In general, Spruce Lodge is a location for long term elderly care, Cedar Grove is our community for short term skilled nursing and rehab care, and Balsam Lane is a secure memory loss facility. Each Community has access to an outdoor garden and sitting area. Since 1999 we have incorporated more ideas of progressive care and are always looking for new ways to make our facility better for our elders.

We listen to wishes. An elder wants to grow strawberries and make jam? He can do it. Elders want to see a high school basketball game, go to town for shopping, try out a bowling ball, visit a casino? It can be arranged.

Bacon and eggs at 2 a.m.?

We will do it.

P.S. We have a 10-star Eden Alternative rating.

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