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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

For some, particularly those who have changed medications or doctors, take a number of medications or need to reduce continuing healthcare costs, there is a helpful step offered by Bigfork Valley Pharmacy. It's called Medication Therapy Management, or MTM.

MTM is a second look by a pharmacist at all of the medications being taken including prescriptions, over the counter, herbal and nutritional supplements. The pharmacist looks at interactions, side effects, alternatives, effectiveness and cost to see whether changes would benefit the patient. If changes are recommended to the patient, it is always done in consultation with both the patient and the family doctor.

Sometimes those changes - even small changes - can be significant. A change in propellant, for example, might eliminate a nasty side effect of an asthma medication. An alternate medication may save a patient money without sacrificing effectiveness. Optimizing drug therapy may reduce drug costs by hundreds of dollars as well as improving outcomes.

There is a fee for the time involved in providing the service. But it is a service that is being increasingly recognized as worthwhile. Some larger companies and insurance companies are adding MTM to their health plans. Check with your insurance representative to see if MTM is covered under your plan.

One of the most satisfying outcomes of providing MTM, said Pharmacist Heather Bibeau, is being able to meet a patient's expectations of what his medication can do for him. It's more than just looking at a set of chemical compounds and their interactions, she noted; it's looking at the whole therapeutic experience from the patient's point of view and resolving those issues that the patient sees with his medication.

No referral is necessary. For more information, contact the pharmacy at (218) 743-4444.

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