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Rehabilitative Services

Bigfork Valley Rehabilitative Services are physical, occupational and speech therapy professionals working together to assist individuals to return to normal activity levels after injury or disease. The department works closely with the Surgery Center to provide physical therapy following orthopaedic surgeries. Therapists also collaborate with the patients family physician and other health specialists to achieve the goal of treating the whole person and returning him or her to everyday life in the community and home.

The Rehab Department also meets the needs of geriatric patients and elders living at the Bigfork Valley Communities to maintain and increase functional capabilities as they age. Occupational therapy has access to many adaptive aides from special spoons and drinking cups to aides for putting on socks - to help individuals remain independent in everyday activities.

A consulting speech therapist can help with voice disorders, fluency and articulation, swallowing trouble and the results of stroke.

An expanded Rehabilitative Services Department and Fitness Center opened in Fall, 2006. The therapy area includes private consultation rooms and a whirlpool. The Fitness Center is open for public use and includes exercise machines to target arm, leg, and upper and lower body conditioning, as well as general fitness and strengthening.

If you have questions regarding rehabilitative services at Bigfork Valley, please call us at (218) 743-4133.


The Fitness Center is open 24/7.

  • $25 per month in Hospital District
  • $35 per month outside of Hospital District
  • $5 daily
Short orientation session required before first use.
258 Pine Tree Drive / Bigfork, Minnesota 56628 / 218-743-3177


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