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Imaging Department

Today the term "diagnostic imaging" covers a wide range of different technologies - from the traditional X-ray to the modern computed tomography or CT scan. Each type of technology, however, has just one goal; to picture what is going on inside the body.

At Bigfork Valley, the Imaging Department has been expanding to incorporate these new methods as well as installing the technology needed to transmit images to where they can be interpreted or used. The hospital's new picture archive communication system (PACS) allows digital images to be immediately available to the physician and the radiologist wherever they are located, even in the operating room.

Bigfork Valley has available two X-ray rooms, GE Lightspeed 4-slice helical CT scanner, state of the art mammography machine, ultrasound, bone densitometer and C-arm fluoroscope. Staff are certified as Registered Radiological Technologists and one is also certified in mammography.

In addition, onsite service is provided by mobile units for MRI, echocardiograms and nuclear medicine.

Xray Rooms
Xray room in the Imaging Department

CT Scan
CT Scanner

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