Bigfork Valley Specialty Clinics
Bigfork Valley Specialty Clinics        

Bigfork Valley Specialty Clinics

Bigfork Valley seeks to provide quality medical services to its community. To provide a wider range of medical specialties close to home, Bigfork Valley makes available a Specialty Clinic located in the main corridor where services are offered on a regular monthly schedule.

Specialties from cardiology to ophthalmology are available by appointment. If referrals are required, these referrals may come from your family physician. Appointments for Dr. Baich, Dr. Baker, and Dr. Margo are made through the Surgery Center nurses' station at (218) 743-4135. Appointments for other specialty clinics are made through the hospital nurses' station at (218) 743-4491 unless noted differently.

To see physician listings for surgical specialties click HERE. They include:

  • Cardiology
  • Chronic pain management
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics

To see other medical provider listings for the Specialty Clinic, click HERE.

  • Audiologist
    Hearing services are provided by William Hodgson, MA, MS, Audiologist of North Country Professional Hearing Services. Onsite biweekly. Call (218) 743-4491 for appointments.

  • Foot care
    Foot care is provided by Mary Lynne Baker, RN as needed. Call (218) 743-4243 for appointments.

  • Optometrist
    Services provided by Dr. L. Taylor Kincannon, OD of Bonner Eye Clinic and the Bonner Optical Shop. Onsite biweekly as needed. Call (218) 326-3433 for appointments.

  • Psychology
    Services are provided by Michele Rinne, MS, ED, licensed psychologist and Jerry Berndt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, both of Northland Recovery Center. Onsite weekly. Call (218) 743-4491 for appointments.

  • Speech therapy
    Services are provided by Ray Crea, BA, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology as needed onsite. Call (218) 743-4133 for appointments.

  • Individual and family therapy
    Mental health services are provided by Lisa Adamich, MSW, LICSW onsite weekly. Individual and family therapy. Child, adolescent, adult and Medicare patients welcome. Call (218) 259-9417 for appointment.

In addition, these external contacts are available for services:

  • Home Visitor Program: Cindy Brummer serves the northern Itasca County area; contact directly at 218-245-1699. The Home Visitor program can make resources available to those unable to access them or who need services and do not know what is available.

  • Hospice: Click HERE.

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