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The future looks very promising for Bigfork Valley. Over the next three years I see a vibrant rural healthcare system continuing to expand through regional orthopaedic services, a nationally marketed corporate wellness program, an international pain management clinic and a world-class secure memory care facility for dementia patients.

Our orthopaedic services continue to grow at a remarkable rate due to very high quality services from our orthopaedic surgeon and his team. Our modern and generously equipped surgery center and hospital are staffed with some of the finest doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in the state as demonstrated by our continuously high ratings on the Medicare patient satisfaction survey.

The home-grown corporate wellness program that we've developed, My ROI, has an innovative approach that helps people through education and a support mechanism to realize a more healthy life style that not only benefits them, but their employers as well. This program has helped our hospital keep its health insurance premiums from growing over the past four years.

A pain management team led by an interventional radiologist is doing amazing things in Bigfork for people suffering from long-term issues with pain. His success rate with his patients is over the top when compared to industry benchmarks. The testimonies I hear about patients receiving relief from their pain and suffering is truly remarkable. Who would've thought that world-class pain management was being done in a tiny town in northern Minnesota?

We have a rich history in regard to the modern nursing home trend of building neighborhood communities with home-like environments. We were one of the first nationally to embrace this visionary model of care and have hosted tours from large and small organizations from around the country. We are at it again, setting the bar for nursing home standard of care. This time we've taken our aim at developing what we believe will be the modern standard of care for dementia patients needing secure environments.

It is imperative that we develop facilities and systems of care to adequately care for our friends and family members who are suffering from dementia or memory loss issues as they are some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

There isn't a hospital in this whole region that has higher Medicare patient satisfaction scores than Bigfork Valley. Your friends and neighbors are driving to Bigfork for healthcare services - why not you?

Dan Odegaard, CEO
Dan Odegaard, CEO
PO BOX 258 / BIGFORK, MINNESOTA 56628 / 218-743-3177


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