Bigfork Valley Auxiliary
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Bigfork Valley Auxiliary

The Bigfork Valley Auxiliary has stood beside the hospital since both organizations were born in 1938.

Auxiliary members raised dollars to help furnish the original hospital, and then went door to door gathering contributions to sustain the hospital in the early 1960s.

That partnership continues today.

"We work with the hospital staff to help them get what they need to improve a patient's stay," said current Auxiliary Chair Marcie Lindgren. "We fill in the gaps."

The Auxiliary holds an arts and crafts fair every August to raise money for local students pursuing medical careers. They also sell cookbooks and give money for Christmas presents for nursing home residents through a bake sale. Each year the Auxiliary raises between $4,000-$5,000.

They also give something of more value: time. It's an Auxiliary member who greets patients and families in the hospital lobby and who makes sure staff feels valued at the annual Appreciation Tea.

"The Auxiliary is a great way to serve," Lindgren said. "You meet so many new people and it's rewarding to make such a difference. We've done a lot to help, but we have a lot more to do!"

To learn more about the Auxiliary, contact Marcie Lindgren at (218) 743-3261.

PO BOX 258 / BIGFORK, MINNESOTA 56628 / 218-743-3177


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